Custom speaker mesh grill cloth

Ever thought about changing out that boring grill cloth for some dynamic graphics.  Well we can help you with that with our acoustically transparent speaker mesh.   check out our online designer here to design your own cabs with either pre-existing artwork or use the tools and clip art on the designer to create your own one of a kind front for your cabs.  check out our website at to see examples and pricing.

custom grill cloth


Aurora Teal Drum Wrap

Here is a recent sample of the Aurora Drum wrap on an electronic set.  Customer ordered a 22 x 22 wrap and we cut it down to fit his set.  Great way to upgrade the look of your set.

Aurora Teal durm wrap

Acoustic guitar wraps

We get a lot of inquiries about whether we make acoustic guitar wraps.   The simple answer is yes all our uncut skins can be trimmed to fit most any acoustic guitar.   Acoustic guitars skins or wraps are actually easier to put  on than most electric guitars because the edges are usually 90 degrees.  This makes it easy to trim the edges.   For those of you who have never put a skin on a guitar its not as difficult as you might think.   We give you an instruction sheet with the skin.   We also give you a sheet of clear acetate that you can mark out your bridge and neck and make smaller cuts out of your skin so it will be easier to lay on top of your guitar.   The vinyl has a initial low tack adhesive with air channels so you can pick it up and put it back down.  Once you get it where you want you can apply pressure to activate the adhesive.

As you can see with this picture an acoustic guitar skin can greatly enhance the look of your guitar.  The skin is very thin (approx 4 mil) if your guitar has a polyurethane or a polyester based clear finish the skin may have a slight affect on the sound. You can tell if you have one of these finishes as they have a very glossy thick clear finish.  Some guitars (usually higher end guitars) can have have a Nitrocellulose finish. We do not recommend you put a skin on these guitars.  Nitrocellulose is a Lacquer based finish and not as glossy or as hard. We have put skins on these finishes and it works fine but we recommend you don’t leave them on for more than a year.  The tone would be more affected on a nitrocellulose finish.

Any of the skins you see on our template cut skins are available in an uncut sheet. To see the uncut sheet products look here.   Just make sure to pick an adequate size to go over the body of  your guitar.  We will be adding artwork often so you may want to check it once in awhile if you are looking for something already designed. If you have your own artwork you can use that check out our custom Guitar Skin Option here.

acoustic wrap carina nebula

Stainless Steel Mustang Bass Pickguard

Here is an example of how cool powder coated stainless steel pickguards can look.  This is a series 304 stainless that has been powder coated with the graphics embedded into the finish of the powder coat.  Powder coated finishes are some of the most durable there are.  The graphics can be photographic in quality and with this particular one we have some glitter in the powder coat.  If that isn’t enough the powder coat has uv reflective pigment when the uv or blacklights shine on this guard the lighter colors will pop like they are lit.   The pigment in the powder coat also reacts to full spectrum lighting especially with the metalic glitter in the powder coat.

We have this new process available for many different templates of pickguards.   Some wonder how it affects the sound.   Bill Lawrence has done extensive research on this and he made mention that steel and aluminum can have issues with eddying and interference with pick-ups and dampening the high end of some pickups but stainless series 300 has no magnetic attraction or any of the cons of the other metals.   You know you will see these guitars that cost thousands of dollars and they have a rather cheap plastic pickguard doesn’t seem to make sense.graffiti stainless mustang pickguard

custom stainless steel pick guards

stainless fend strat guard doodleThis is a very unusual pick guard.  It is a powdered coated stainless steel (series 304).   The graphics are into the finish of the pick guard so it is not only very beautiful but very durable.    The pigment in the white powder coat has a uv reflective component making it really pop if there are any uv black lights shining on the stage.   Stainless steel series 304 is the perfect metal for a pick guard according to Bill Lawrence as it does not have any magnetic interference or eddying problems yet it still acts as a shielding for fm and other unwanted signals.   We currently have about 8 pick guard templates that we can create custom steel pick guards for.   We can use almost any image and the process can be photographic in detail.  We also can have a metal glitter in the finish which looks really cool.  This process combines the best of the metal attributes with the best of graphic capability resulting in a superior product.    Click here to order   this product

Online Drum Head Designer

We now have an online designer for custom drum heads.   You can upload your custom artwork or design the head with our designer.  Either way you can see what the design will look like at size on the head.   This is a great way to make sure your graphics fit the head.  We have stock artwork, fonts and many tools to aid you in the designing of your head.   This designer is not meant to take the place of a professional design software but does work if you don’t have access to one.

We currently are offering two options.  One is a head graphic that you would install on your head.  This is a thin vinyl graphic with a laminate that has an air release and low initial contact adhesive for easy installation.  Once you apply pressure the adhesive kicks in and results in great adhesion to your head.  We also provide an installation sheet to aid in the process.   We also offer the graphic installed on an Evans head for those who want the complete head and graphic already installed.  You can pay with either PayPal or standard credit cards.

If you need a head with custom graphics and would rather we do the graphics we can do that as well.  just give us a call and let us know.

Promotional Jackson Guitar

We just finished wrapping a Jackson guitar as a promotion for a company called twelve ounce denim.  the guitar showcases some of the material / fabric they use in their business.  the top and sides are a picture of  the grommets they use and the back is a picture of the denim type fabric.  It’s really a great way to showcase one’s business  or brand with a very unusual product.    We also went over the humbuckers with the graphic to give it more visibility.